Let’s Walk Mumbai 27/05/23

Let’s Walk Mumbai Photo Walk

Photo Walks can be a great way to meet, shoot and discuss photography with photographers with different view point on this genre. So do join Yash on this photo walk. This is not going be a walk where we just meet. We are going to shoot a lot too and after the walk let’s sit somewhere and discuss photography. 


Details For Photo Walk

  • Date: 27th May 2023
  • Fees: Free 
  • Spots: Only 20 spots are available
  • Meeting Point and Time:  Marine Drive at 5:30am Opposite Suruchi Saress

The exact location is in the map below.

Fill this form if you are interested, & I’ll get back to you

Requirements For This Walk

  • Anyone can join this walk, artists, filmmakers, painters, writers, even if you are just a Mumbaikar, it doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer or not. If you just want to experience and feel this city, You are most welcome to join. 

  • Small camera with fixed focal lens or wide angle lens. Shoot with whatever you feel comfortable with. Camera, Mobile phone, if you just want to observe with your eyes, you can do that too. 

  • Good walking shoes.

  • As many fully charged camera batteries you can carry.

  • First aid kit, if you are on any medication or treatment, Please consider your doctor before joining.

  • Travel as light as you can
  • Relief Spray
  • Water Bottle
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Power Bank
  • Energy Drinks
  • Dry Fruits

Just join this walk guys. We are going to have lots of fun. We are going to explore, talk and discuss about this city. 

We will push each other, motivate each other throughout the walk with safety first in mind

Any other expense such as food, water, travel, train ticket will be considered as a personal expense.

There will be a waiting list just in case there’s any cancellation.

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