Bombay Monsoon (2021-2022)

Monsoon has always been my favorite season of the year from my childhood days. I have always enjoyed rain. Even now, Whenever it rains, The inner child inside me awakens. It brings up my mood. Kids starts to play, People Cover themselves with whatever they find, Plastic sheets, Utensils etc. That’s how i got this idea to document rain my city. Mumbai(Bombay) has so many places such as beaches, Monuments, Pipelines, Dharavi, Dhobi Ghat, Fishing Villages, Different kind of Markets, Industrial areas, Forts, Just the streets of Mumbai.. I want to document how all these places looks and feel during the rainy season. During the rainy season, We have many festivals such as Dahi Handi, Ganesh Chaturthi,  Narali Purnima etc.  So i get an opportunity to document them in rain.

While documenting this project I lost many umbrellas, My camera and i got wet many times but the experiencing the rain is what i thrive for. This is a long term project of documenting rain in this city. I wish to document it for this whole decade. When i finish this project in the future, I hope to turn it into a zine or a Photo Book may be.