Ahmedabad (2020-2022)

Ahmedabad is a place which became very close to my heart over the last 2-3 years. A city which was new to me, My sister’s place over there is the reason i document it whenever i can.  My first trip was back in 2020 during Makar Sankrati Festival which is huge for Ahmedabadis. It’s the biggest festival in Gujrat. And i realized this city has much more offer. 

It’s a city which has not been photographed much from the perspective of street photography. At some people are not used to being photographed. But slowly i feel i can explore those places over the period of time. Not just photography i also made some good photographer friends over there Narayan, Jyotik who helped me with places in this city. I hope to make more trips(longer trips) very often.