Govinda Aala Re

Shri Krishna is devoted by many names. Govinda is one of them. Every year the birth of Shri krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami and next day to Janmashtami is Dahi Handi. It’s celebrated with reciting of religious texts and they dance to the enactment of the life of Shri Krishna. 

‘Janmashtami’ is a Sanskrit word. ‘Janma’ here is birth, & ‘Ashtami’ means eight. So it’s a celebration of Shri Krishna’s birth on the eight day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada(August-September).

In Mumbai, This festival is celebrated with much joy. It’s a way for devotees to show their Bhakti(Devotion) towards Shri Krishna. In this city, one would find the celebrations which are very grand. And at some places one also get to enjoy the more traditional way of celebrating it. 

In modern times, Traditional way of enjoying any event has been replaced by loud Dj music and disco light. This year i wanted to feel this event where i could be a bit free from it.

This year i went to one village where i have never made photos before. So this was opportunity to connect with people from there. In Mumbai, People are very used to being photographed. So sometimes it is easier to make connections with people. 

Every place has it’s own charm. i felt so welcoming at this place. That’s what a camera can do. I love how one can glimpse into the lives of strangers with a camera. One of the best aspect of this city is that people are so kind.

But gaining the trust of strangers is the most important part. That’s something we can do by talking to them about what we do ? Why we make photographs?.

All this helps when you have to make more trips to the same place. I also love to send their photos to them on WhatsApp.  

‘Govinda Aala Re’ means Shri Krishna has come to break the Handi(A pot filled with Buttermilk and curd). It’s also the title of the very famous Dahi handi song which would be played while Youth break the handi.

Children are always in their own world regardless of any event. Children make such festivals and events more special for me.

At this place where i shot, The houses in the whole lane comes to together to enjoy such moments. Every lane has it’s own celebration.

sometimes i feel very lucky that i was a witness to these moments. We are just creating memories for future generations. With this city always in construction and forever changing, The photographs we make becomes a very important documentation.

Thank you for reading.