Four Short Series

In my earlier photography days, I used to think my purpose is just to make photographs. But as you practice this medium more. You realize making photographs is just one part of our job. Photography doesn’t start at making photographs & it doesn’t end at showing them on social media for me. 

So the question is what comes after making photographs ?, For me After we have made any photos, A whole new journey starts with those photos. There are few things we can do. 

The Journey Of Our Photographs:

  • We make any photo
  • We store them in our computer
  • We can let them marinate for some time. Marination here means, Whenever we make any photo, we are emotionally connected to it. So if we just let them sit in our computer for some time (May be few weeks), Then we may detach from them. By that way we can criticize our photos for truthfully.
  • How do we criticize our photos?, We can make small prints of them, Put them on our door or wall or look at them on our computer everyday. Keep looking at them everyday. And we ask ourselves, What we do like about it? What do we don’t like about it? But the most important question is If we can connect with that photo or not?
  • So, we keep documenting our city for few years. We have tons of work. So the question remains, How do we showcase it?. The fun part about photography is how you can be playful with your photographs. If we put them side by side to each other. By that way we may find a common connection between any photographs. There’s a chance we took those photos years apart from each other. But We may still find a common theme or a narrative between them. And a whole new idea we can get from them. 
  • Over the years, we can keep working on those common themes or narratives. And when the time is right, We can produce a small zine or a Photobook. 
  • The narrative are like a film, We have a start and we have middle sequence and We have a climax. It’s also like a road trip. We just can’t keep on driving for hours. Breaks are also necessary. So in a book or zine, All the photographs may not be emotionally strong. Otherwise it would be too overwhelming. It’s all about how do you narrate your story through photos in a book. 

So I present four short stories in which there are photographs which were taken months apart from eachoher. But they have a common theme.




Car Window

Thank you for reading. Hope to speak my mind again soon.