• Neena Majumdar
    I had one of the most immersive experiences photographing Bombay during this tour. Thank you Yash, for organizing and guiding us  through the night. Visiting new places with new people and interacting with strangers can sound intimidating. But it turned out just the opposite. Yash made sure we all felt at ease. He was just checking on each of us from time to time. The best part was the real undying Mumbai spirit of the people we witnessed during this walk. The sights, Sounds, Smells and visuals of Humanity are hard to forget. It was a crazy night but in a good way. For the people who are thinking of joining his night walk, Don't overthink! Take the plunge; You won't regret it.
    Neena Majumdar
    'Bombay Nights Koli Holi' Tour 5th-6th March 2023
  • Salonee Jain
    Wonderful! Got to see a different Mumbai altogether.. An empty Dadar.. A super energetic Holi party.. and a Mumbai that never sleeps..
    Salonee Jain
    'Bombay Nights Koli Holi' Tour 5th-6th March 2023
  • Kush
    It was fantastic. Yash was very sweet and knowledgeable. He kept pushing us to discover new things and was always sharing interesting information about the community and the culture. The group size was also great and the overall experience was just perfect. Thank you Yash for sharing your passion for photography and love for Mumbai with us.
    'Bombay Nights Koli Holi' Tour 5th-6th March 2023
  • Aditya Mohan
    It was once in a lifetime experience. I was a tourist in his city and i felt like a local resident for 14 hours. I'll always remember this photo walk.
    Aditya Mohan
    'Bombay Nights Koli Holi' Tour 5th-6th March 2023
  • Vinay Chawan
    Crazy and Miracle , If to sum it up in two words! Mumbai the way i haven't seen before. This tour was life time experience. Thanks a lot Yash! Hoping for more such tours with you.
    Vinay Chawan
    'Bombay Nights' Tour 10th-11th Feb 2023
  • Preeti Joshi
    It was extremely moving experience. Yash is an excellent photographer, But apart from that he is very sensible and sensitive to other human beings. I was extremely comfortable throughout the night, Without being treated special as a fellow woman participant. I felt comfortable, Inspired, Motivated to push my boundaries and safe. This experience  has been epic and i am grateful to Yash for it. I am looking forward to more such walks with Yash.
    Preeti Joshi
    'Bombay Nights' Tour 10th-11th Feb 2023